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Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame

Click for a full list of areas in Australia with bans on Animal Circuses.

Parramatta City Council
2006 - David Borger is the mayor of Parramatta City Council. They have banned animal circuses from the area. Congratulations!

Lismore City Council
Lismore City Council will send a clear message that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated in the shire after they voted 6/3 to ban animal circuses from Council-owned land. Thank you to Clr Jenny Dowell and all the councillors that favoured in favour of the ban.

Wingecarribee Shire Council
Councillor Gordon Lewis is the Mayor of Wingecarribee Shire Council (Southern Highliands. He and his councillors voted in favour of a ban on Animal Circuses. Good work!

Hindmarsh-Woodville, Noarlunga, Marion, Tea Tree Gully, Elizabeth and Thebarton in South Australia
As at July 2006, all of these council areas in South Australia have banned Animal Circuses. Good work!

Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Warringah, Woollahra, Hornsby, Pittwater, Manly, Randwick, Lake Macquarie, Liverpool, Camden and Lismore
As at July 2009, all these councils in NSW have banned Animal Circuses. Good work!

Andersonstown Council, Belfast
This council bans any circus containing animals from performing on council land

Cork City Council
2008 - Donal Counihan is the mayor of Cork City Council. This council passed a motion that would ban any animal act circuses using council land

Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College
This is fantastic! a class at Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College (North Sydney) did a project on Captive Animals and one of the groups did a project on animals in the circus. The entire class learnt about the cruelty in animal circuses. Good Work!

Camden Council
Thumbs up to Camden Council which has banned circuses that use performing animals

SAFE New Zealand
SAFE in New Zealand is working tirelessly to rid that country of its last performing-animal circus and to free Jumbo the elephant from her years of circus slavery. See Free Jumbo Campaign

60 Minutes
Great work to 60 Minutes for doing an excellent story on the cruelty endured by elephants who end up in Circuses and poorly kept Zoos.
Read the story here

Ipswich Council
This was the first council in Queensland to ban circuses with performing animals. Unfortunately, as often happens, circus owners have been able to secure non-Council land, in the region, to continue visiting Ipswich. We need to continue putting pressure on local communities, in addition to their Councils, to make sure that circuses with animals are not welcome in their regions at all.

Gold Coast Council

Thanks to PETA's ongoing campaign against documented appalling abuse of elephants in Ringling Bros Circus - 'the saddest show on earth' as PETA rightly calls it - the largest circus in the US has been compelled to answer charges for routinely beating elephants with bullhooks. (PETA has videotaped lame elephants limping out of Ringling's train cars.)

Ku-ring-gai Council
Having had a ban in place for 10 years on ALL performing-animal circuses, this Council overturned it in August 2010, but now, after months of vigorous campaigning, Council has restored the ban in a vote of 7 to 3. BRAVO!

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 5 March
Bravo to the Telegraph, for exposing the cruelty of the performing-animal circus in a significant article and also, in an editorial, calling for an end to these circuses. Let's hope that legislators take notice of this material which reflects growing community opinion.

UK Government
Unanimously passed legislation in June, 2011 which will lead to the banning of wild animals in circuses.

Peruvian Government
Bravo to the government of Peru. In July, 2011, the President signed an order banning all wild animals from circuses in that country, joining another South American country, Bolivia, in this enlightened move. Backward countries like Australia continue to approve them.

Fremantle City Council
In a close-run thing, Fremantle Council has upheld its ban on all animal circuses, in the face of an appeal from a domestic animal circus. Dawn, who has done so much to coordinate the campaign to prevent Council going back on its ban, warns that we can’t be complacent.

The Government of Greece
In February, 2012, the Greek Government banned ALL animal circuses. Bravo! And what a comment on countries like Australia, the US and Canada which have yet to enact such humane and enlightened legislation.

Waterford City Council
Bravo to this Irish council which has banned animal-act circuses this month (June 2012)

Colombia and Paraguay
Bravo to the capital city of Colombia, Bogota, and the nation of Paraguay, both of which banned wild animal circuses this month (June, 2012)

Cockburn City (WA)
Voted unanimously for a ban on circuses which use exotic animals in August, 2012

Hobson's Bay (Vic)
The Council has banned wild animal circuses from Council land - Bravo!

Slovenian Government
Bravo to the government of Slovenia which banned wild animals from circuses in March, 2013.

UK Government
Congratulations to the British Government for banning wild animals in traveling circuses from 2015. Ideally, domestic animals should be banned too. But this is a start. NO animal should be enslaved in a circus.

Government fo Colombia
Has banned both static and travelling wild animal circuses (June, 2013)

Belgian Government
Has banned wild animal circuses this month - December, 2013.

Northern Illinois university students
x NIU Students Cause Exotic Animal Circus to Cancel By Tommy Dean | February 21, 2014 A circus with 20 years of animal abuse history cancelled its Northern Illinois University show thanks to the student protests. The George Carden Circus, an exotic animal show with an extensive record of animal mistreatment, was scheduled to perform at Northern Illinois University on March 4. A group of students led by anthropology professor Mitch Irwin circulated a petition that urged NIU to prohibit the circus from coming to the school. The petition received approximately 2,700 signatures and the Students Association echoed its constituents’ concerns when stating its opposition to the Carden Circus performance. “I think we are setting a higher ethical standard and putting more forethought into the events we book,” said Irwin to the Daily Chronicle. Carden Circus cancelled its NIU event, which it claims was due to weather. Starting in 1994 and continuing to the present, Carden has been cited numerous times by state and federal agencies for its lack of animal care and unethical practices.

Surf Coast Shire Victoria Australia
Banned wild animal circuses in December, 2014

Netherlands Government
Planning to ban wild animal circuses in 2015

Brazil state governments
GREAT NEWS - BRAZIL BEGINS BAN ON ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES! Brazil continues to push forward, making sanctuary here more needed than ever. The state of Goias just banned the use of animals in circuses making it the 11th out of 26 states in Brazil to pass such a ban. (January, 2015)

Bulgaria becomes the latest country to ban wild animals in circus

San Francisco
San Francisco proposing a ban of all exotic animals in circuses - April, 2015

San Francisco
San Francisco passes a ban on wild animal acts

Mexico has banned wild animal circuses, in July 2015

x http://www.four-paws.org.uk/campaigns/wild-animals/wild-animals-in-entertainment/netherlands-bans-wild-animals-in-circuses/

Honduras bans ALL animals from circuses - November, 2015

Baulkham Hills Council
Baulkham Hills Council approves animals being forced to perform in circuses. We have repeatedly tried to contact the Mayor with information and been met with comments like "….we get a substantial amount of money from them (circuses)…and I’m not discussing it!"

Port Stephens Council
Port Stephens council approves animals being forced to perform in circuses.They voted against a ban on animal circuses in 2007.

Wollongong Council
Wollongong City Council has approved Animal Circuses even after we have communicated with them about the animal welfare problems with animal circuses. Shame on them.

Gosford Council
Gosford Council has approved Animal Circuses on their land even after we have communicated with them about the animal welfare problems with animal circuses. Shame on them.

Shoalhaven Council
Shame on Shoalhaven Council. They approve animals being forced to perform in circuses.

Shellharbour City Council
At its meeting on 7 February, 2012 Shellharbour City Council voted against a motion banning exotic animal circuses from Council-controlled land, in spite of being given extensive information and submissions about all the aspects of animal circuses which any progressive, enlightened and humane local authority would be expected to respond to. Shame on Shellharbour!

Queanbeyan Council
This Council repeatedly approves performing-animal circuses which use its proximity to Canberra (where they're banned) to tap into that big market. Complaints to the Mayor and Council from protesters about this are routinely ignored.

Gold Coast City Council
Having had a ban on exotic animal circuses in place, the Council has now (January, 2013) lifted the ban, with the casting vote of the Mayor determining the result.

Gosford Council, NSW
In May 2013, Gosford Council (near Sydney) voted, 6-3, to continue allowing performing animal circuses on its land. It regularly hosts them, keeping its international reputation as a backward, inhumane centre for the abuse of animals.