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Music video by All India Radio based on true story of a circus elephant who was purposely electrocuted to death in front of an audience

Read more about this story in our News section - click here

Source: Watch the video on YouTube

Hills Shire Times Article

View article

Source: Hills Shire Times

Circus Animal Cruelty Undercover footage

View our short video of undercover circus footage.

Source: PETA, ADI, YouTube

Behind the Big Top

See what really happens behind the scenes at circuses. See undercover footage of trainers abusing animals from numerous investigations at different circuses.

Source: YouTube video by SalocinTEN

Circus animal cruelty slideshow

A video from YouTube showing Animal Acts and circus animal cruelty.

Source: YouTube video by MandyLovesAnimals

Video about Stardust Circus

For information about Stardust Circus. This video does not address the issues of animal cruelty, neither does it reveal the behind-the-scenes reality of circus animals' existence. View undercover footage of circus trainers abusing animals

Source: YouTube video by TheSunVidz

Elephant Comic Book

A great resource for kids to learn about Elephants in the wild and why circus animals suffer. Sourced from PETA Kids website

Source: Download comic book as a PDF