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Virtual Protest

Number of Petition Signatures to date: 10429

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Emma M.
Australia (NSW)

Animals are not entertainment and deserve to be treated with dignity.
chantell b.
Australia (QLD)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Zade W.
Australia (Queensland)

I believe animals should not be used in circuses, not just because it's cruel and unethical, but also because it's unnecessary as Cirque De Sole have proven. The circuses may be ran by nice people, however the animals suffer serious physical and mental health problems from transportation and captivity and scientists have proven through the measurements of cortisol and other observational and chemical tests that animals suffer from stress and anxiety and many other health problems, all just to entertain humans and make the owners some profit, which they could be making through human circuses or other business! :)
Tanya H.
Australia (NSW)

The circus is about amazement, talent, and fun. Cruelty to animals is none of these!
Jasmin B.
Australia (South Australia)

I'm sure that the people who are for animal circuses would feel different if it were human beings being confined and chained in order to entertain. Animal circuses are never ok.
Malwina B.
Australia (Queensland)

Animals should NOT be subjected to the inhumane conditions of circus life. Change their fate today!
Glen N.
Australia (Qld)

No ethical person can present a reasonable justification for animal circuses, or any other form of animal slavery/exploitation.
Erin R.
Australia (Qld )

It's wrong to exploit animals for entertainment.
Gemma N.
Australia (QLD)

I refuse to attend any performance where animals are abused. Release these beautiful animals they are not here for our entertainment
Angel L.
Australia (Nsw)

Wild animals should never be kept in captivity. Animal circuses should no longer exist these days. It is utterly cruel and inhumane to treat animals like that. Look who are the real 'animals' here!
Mia K.
Australia (ACT)

I hate animals performing for our entertainment and I hate the people who make them do it! thanks a lot to those idiots who hurt animals!
Annie J.
Australia (Victoria)

Animals have value
Valeria M.
Australia (New South Wales)

Animals being used in circuses should be banned worldwide. The mistreatment of innocent creatures is heartbreaking and knowing that people consciously hurt them with no remorse is alarming.
Cathie L.
Australia (Qld)

I am an Animal Activist and detest Animals being used for entertainment and exploitation.
Laura N.
Australia (Victoria)

Animals deserve to be free and not carted around, abused and forced to perform.
ione c.
Australia (Queensland )

Animals get beaten /trained and I won't go or take my kids
Australia (NSW)

actors, spectacles to imprison and gawk at, or circus clowns. Yet thousands of these animals are forced to perform silly, confusing tricks under the threat of physical punishment; are carted across the country in cramped and stuffy boxcars or semi-truck trailers; are kept chained or caged in barren, boring, and filthy enclosures; and are separated from their families and friends—all for the sake of human “entertainment.” Many of these animals even pay with their lives...WOULD YOU SWAP YOURSELF WITH THESE ANIMALS?
Erica N.
Australia (QLD)

'The King belongs in the Jungle' Not in the circus of cruelty.
katie g.
Australia (sydney)

no animals should ever be used in circuses
Selena C.
Australia (qld)

They are not for our entertainment
Rosemary R.
Australia (NSW)

Using animals in circuses is cruel, exploiting them for profit. Performing in circuses is fine for humans who have a choice, but NOT for animals who don't have a choice.
Sahara F.
Australia (VIC)

animals are not ours to be confined and used for our entertainment..how would you like it if you were caged whipped bullied in to performing tricks for nothing... they deserve to be free like anyone else and any other animal. how would you like your child taken from her home and then trained and caged to entertain humans..so why do this? you are disgraceful
Leah F.
Australia (QLD )

So disgusting a human can do this...can't comprehend how this is legal. It should be illegal and the assholes who partake in this should be abused and given the death penalty.
Marion B.
Australia (Western Australia)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Daniela P.
Australia (QLD)

Animals should not suffer or be mistreated just for human amusement.
bobt n.
Australia (sydney)

carolyn i.
Australia (nsw)

Animals need to be in their natural environment and not in circuses or zoos
Donna C.
Australia (Western Australia)

It is time to look at all animals in captivity (including those in dolphinariums) and make decisions based on their welfare and their right to freedom... any less makes us a truly barbaric species... it is time to right the wrongs of the past...
Anj D.
Australia (NSW)

Don't buy a ticket !!
Nicole B.
Australia (Rheinland-Pfalz)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Jacqueline C.
Australia (Indiana )

Animals shouldn't be shown for treats or trainings!!!
craig s.
Australia (queensland)

Animal circuses are barbaric and have no place in today's society!
Emma D.
Australia (Queensland)

I feel animals should be appreciated in their natural environment. Not as an unfulfilled abused and broken spirited beast.
Chloe F.
Australia (NSW)

Poking and prodding animals in circuses is extremely cruel! Animals be should wild and free, not performing painful tricks for people's amusement!!!!!!
Tash M.
Australia (New South Wales)

Humans who do this don't deserve to be alive - simple as that, if they can't respect and appreciate animals then they shouldn't have the right to live, I hate humans who abuse and mistreat animals, they are scum on the earth.
Danielle M.
Australia (Tas)

Do not take their innocence away only to be exploited to an eventual death.
Sushrut P.
Australia (VIC)

Animals in circuses should be totally BANNED!!!!!!!
claudia g.
Australia (vic)

it should be stopped right away these innocent animals don't deserve to live like this!
cynthia B.
Australia (tasmania)

John M.
Australia (New South Wales)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Kay P.
Australia (New South Wales)

Animals are not ours to use and abuse... rather they are here to add balance to our beautiful planet. We MUST take care of them and let them live in peace
Valerie S.
Australia (CA)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Tracey M.
Australia (Victoria)

Animals do not belong in a zoo performing tricks for humans. They are caged up treated poorly and should be freed immediately! People need to be aware of what that animal has gone through in training to perform for humans for profit. Shame shame shame !!!
Margot C.
Australia (NSW )

It is heartless and wrong. Animals have feelings too
Cherish M.
Australia (NSW)

It is an abomination that we make poor defenceless animals live outside their natural habitat to entertain us humans!
Amy B.
Australia (NSW)

Animals belong in the wild! There are so many better alternatives to animal circuses.
Marina B.
Australia (Queensland)

Making animals perform is disgusting.
von c.
Australia (victoria)

Vanessa F.
Australia (Nsw)

This is terribly sad using animals for human satisfaction, they suffer immensely while being trained and it's not fair, they should be freed to a happy natural environment
Kerry W.
Australia (Victoria)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
vickie r.
Australia (WA)

No, No, NO!
Denise K.
Australia (united kingdom)

Minutes of entertainment. A LIFE TIME OF MISERY
Gabrielle S.
Australia (NSW)

In this age of enlightenment it is deplorable that these magnificent animals are STILL being exploited for cheap thrills as human entertainment...
Karin L.
Australia (São Paulo)

It is not fair to use non human animals for human fun!
amanda s.
Australia (vic)

What people get joy out of forcing an animal to live in a cage and act UNNATURALLY for our entertainment? These animals would NEVER stay if they weren't being forced and tortured and had no chance of escape. This is cruel beyond words and anyone who thinks otherwise should experience the horrific treatment of spending life in captivity and working in a circus as a slave and see how they feel after that.
Daniel E.
Australia (Victoria)

it's disgusting, it seems surreal that governments allow it.
Torsten H.
Australia (vancover)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Dirce E.
Australia (NSW)

Stand on your own head!
Ian S.
Australia (Vic)

Time for humans to grow up. We should not use other species as a form of entertainment. They should be left to act normally, not perform bizarre tricks for us.
Michelle M.
Australia (Choose a State)

We do not need animals in circuses, stop the cruel acts.
Alana P.
Australia (Queensland )

I saw first hand as a child circus animals and this practice of animals in circuses should be banned now
Keith T. S.
Australia (Queensland)

I am totally opposed to Animals Exotic or Otherwise, being used in a circus!
Irene M.
Australia (S.A)

Animals should be treated with dignity they are not on this planet to be exploited or used for our entertainment or dragged around the countryside
Chelsea B.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Rachel F.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
paul s.
Australia (qld)

Incredibly disappointed that the gold coast council has turned around and let lennon bros in for their horrible practices. Have you guys seen films like Blackfish? Make a short movie.
Daniella F.
Australia (Qld )

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Fiona T.
Australia (NSW)

It is impossible to 'tame' a wild animal. If the only choice is 'break' them I say NO.
Anna W.
Australia (NSW)

Humanity should know better
Jessica B.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Sonia R.
Australia (NSW)

Complete and utter disrespect for other living beings. They do NOT exist for our entertainment.
Nola S.
Australia (QLD)

These beautiful creature should be retired to a sanctuary to live a life of joy after being dragged around the countryside in appalling hot containers, chained for all their days, and expected to perform!!
Sean C.
Australia (Queensland)

Suffering is not entertainment
Anabelle R.
Australia (QLD)

No Animals Anymore In The Circus!
Danni S.
Australia (QLD)

The idea that we can enslave, exploit, abuse, torture and kill animals for trivial reasons such as taste, amusement, religious/cultural beliefs or tradition is absurd.
Donna H.
Australia (SA)

Society as a whole should be better than this! No animal should be subjected to cruelty of any kind, especially for entertainment purposes!!!
Helen W.
Australia (Nsw)

Can't believe Australia had not stopped this decades ago. WTF!
Miranda W.
Australia (Queensland)

Use of animals in circuses is archaic, disgusting and just plain cruel! Why do we need animals in circuses when there are plenty of fantastic circuses that involve humans performing? Eg. Circus Oz and Cirque du Soleil.
brett d.
Australia (qld)

It's disgraceful to see animals in these circumstances
janet s.
Australia (qld)

The life for animals in circuses is totally devoid of any enrichment and is therefore cruel.
lee d.
Australia (qld)

Animals are not for our entertainment, you can just appreciate them in their natural habitat. It makes me cringe to see advertisements of tigers jumping through hoops and dancing horses. Just awful.
Colleen C.
Australia (Queensland)

Circus is outdated and unhealthy for the animals. It teaches children that animals are here FOR us, when in fact they are here WITH us.
lara m.
Australia (QLD)

it is outdated & disgusting, totally unnecessary in 2014 to make money from using animals to do totally unnatural things
Megan P.
Australia (New South Wales)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Richard R.
Australia (Qld)

They should not be there
Rosemary L.
Australia (VIC)

Circus animals are taken out of their natural environment and tortured to perform. This is cruel, barbaric behaviour and totally unnecessary.
Kim S.
Australia (SA)

This is so wrong Animals should be able to roam free
Jennifer v.
Australia (Queensland)

Having animals in circuses is just plain cruel.
gill p.
Australia (qld)

Animals in circuses are cruel, un-needed and out-dated
Katie R.
Australia (Victoria)

Please stop using animals. It is cruel and unnecessary.
Lorraine H.
Australia (victoria)

Please stop this cruel practice...time to advance a bit as humans - don't you think?
Natasha d.
Australia (WA )

A Life of misery for human entertainment. Very sad.
Tracey S.
Australia (WA)

This is a cruel, cruel practice that needs to stop!!
Ali W.
Australia (Western Australia)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Carole B.
Australia (Western Australia)

This is not where animals belong
Chamindri S.
Australia (Queensland )

No animals in circuses
Kenzcie A.
Australia (Nsw)

With the information and education readily available today, there is no excuse to continue supporting these animal exploiters within the circus.
Michelle H.
Australia (Tasmania)

Just breaks my heart and makes me cry. Magnificent creatures should be free not humiliated and lives destroyed.
Elizabeth A.
Australia (Victoria )

All sane, compassionate people are disgusted by the sight of beautiful animals being forced to do ridiculous things for our entertainment. The only circuses worth seeing are the ones that don't use animals!
angelia p.
Australia (TAS)

animals are not there for our entertainment, they don't have a great life in the circus
Carolyn S.

Animals belong in the wild only
kimberlee m.
usa (Alabama)

stop this!!
Samantha S.
United State (New York )

It's immoral, cruel, and outdated idea. The time for change is NOW!
Muhammad S.
Singapore (Singapore)

How would you feel if somebody took you away from home to some place miles away, forcing you to do something you hate for the rest of your lives? And beating you senselessly if you don't cooperate? Exactly.
asiiat a.
russia (dagestan)

No animal abuse. Let's put human beings in circus and the world will go crazy about the people's rights but nobody will care about the animals' rights and about how they are cruelly treated there.
Alec K.
USA (California)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Misty S.

Will not support animals in circuses. I will not ever go to another circus or give any money towards a circus until there is an end to this.
Melanie C.
United States (Colorado)

It is the cruellest form of entertainment and should be abolished from the face of the earth.
Wayne A.

A life in a cage for an animal is no life at all..... Let's end the suffering and abuse. SAY NO TO ANIMAL CIRCUSES !!!!
Edith z.
USA (chicago )

Animals don't deserve to be treated so cruelly: please don't support the circus by going or taking your kids.
Cindy h.
United States of America (California)

Cruel and unnecessary punishment. Not OK for any creature
Lourdes A.

Animals are not for our amusement in circuses or any other thing like it!!
Nancy R.
Canada (Ontario)

Not just in Circuses. Innocent animals have been mistreated far too long! In this modern world of awareness, we should be stopping the abuse of animals around the world!
Jeanette P.
USA (Florida)

All living beings deserve to live with dignity.
Irene D.
Italia (None)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
luís l.
Portugal (lisboa)

stop the torture of these our friends,urgently!
Martina d.
Belgium (Liege)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Jan G.
United Kingdom (None)

Humans do not have the right to exploit animals.
Brent F.
America (Texas)

So sad.
Brandee F.
America (Texas)

So sad. I want to help.
maria j.
united kingdom (wales)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
estephani r.
houston (Texas)

Animals deserve a life of freedom like us to enjoy live in their habitat.people don't need to see animals in circus to have fun or make us happy please free animals from the cruelty of your circus
Lucia G.
Europe (Slovakia)

I just do not like it! Animals are suffering and it is a torture for them. Circuses are totally needless in this world and giving us nothing. When I see these animals on pictures and their sad eyes it makes me cry :( please people, stop it!
jon h.

janice .
Canada (British Columbia)

We don't need any animal circus. That's it!
Sara B.
Canada (Ontario)

Animals were never meant to be entertainment for human beings. They are ripped away from their families who grieve for them. Elephants are an example of this. Worse, their families are often killed in order to take the babies away. Then they are starved (tigers) and beaten (elephants) and treated utterly cruelly so that they will do what their trainers want them to do. Everything is utterly wrong with using animals in circuses. If you want entertainment, use people like Cirque de Soleil. That is by far more entertaining than watching animals suffering just to please.
Susanne F.
Germany (DE)

It is sad to look inside a cage... but for the caged animal it is hell to look outside of his cage!!! Let them be what they are - The big Lords great creatures and they deserve to run free!!!!
Sabine H.
Germany (NRW)

Please stop the suffering of animals in circuses. We do not need this!
Alexandra a.
USA (California)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Ryan L.
Canada (Ontario)

Stop abuse of animals. It's sickening.
Kanae S.
Japan (Osaka)

Ban all circuses that use animals!
Edward C.

It's terrible how animals are treated in the circuses.Animals need to be FREE!
Nichole P.
United States (Oklahoma)

Using animals for entertainment is a barbaric tradition that dates back to ancient gladiatorial contests where starving exotic animals would be faced to battle each other to the death in front of cheering spectators. There is absolutely no positive value in forcing animals to perform humiliating tricks in order to enrich their captors. What are you teaching your children?
Cassie O.

Abusing animals in any form for any reason is DISGUSTING. I would give my life to save theirs.
Gergely G.
Hungary (Gödöllő)

Andrea K.
Hungary (Budapest)

I hate circuses, it's all about animal cruelty
Dorthe N.
Denmark (Danmark)

Animals are not ours to abuse, force, exploit or kill.....they should be free and with their families....
Katrina L.
Japan (Tokyo)

Animal circuses are cruel and archaic. They do not belong in this day and age.
Larissa N.
United States (WA)

I think people taking their small children to see animals who have been tortured their whole lives just for entertainment is an archaic and despicable act.
liu w.
Hong Kong (GA)

Please stop Circuses for all animals , this is wrong and unfair , animals have rights and feel pain , please respect and be responsible for animals' lives , Thank you
Johnny W.
UK (England)

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
Argentina (buenos aires)

#NoAlMaltratoAnimal #NoAlCautiverio ANIMALES EN LIBERTAD!!!! BÚSQUENSE UN TRABAJO DE VERDAD #NoALaExplotaciónAnimal
Heather J.
usa (ca)

No one likes to be beaten into submission, so why do we think we can do that to the animals. Please stop the circus and help the animals to be free.
Somia S.
United States (CA)

All animals are creatures of the earth and they deserve respect! Humans have no right to abuse and use them for their own greedy motives!
Aeja B.

I feel that this is all wrong . I've been to a circus when I was younger unaware of what goes on with these animals and now that I finally realize , I am extremely upset ! The disgraceful human beings who beat these animals should be punished and I wish that I can put them all in cages so they can know how it feels. Animals deserve to be free not used for an illusion of entertainment . I just hope they ban animals from the circus soon.
Samantha L.
UK (Kent, UK)

This is the 21st century. Why do people think it's cool to watch animals suffer for dumb tricks?
Vasanthy M.
Canada (Toronto, Ontario)

I had the opportunity of witnessing a circus for only about 10 mts. I felt the animals looked sad. The elephant could not even walk properly. The riders on horseback were performing certain tasks which will for sure hurt the animal. I felt very disturbed and walked out.
Nadine W.

I object to Aminals being used for entertainment! They should be treated with respect and honor. Please, stop using animals!!
Hannah T.
Ireland (Ireland)

Please everyone sign the petition to stop animals being allowed in circus!! It's cruel beyond words and goes against everything an animal deserves in order for it to live a happy free life
United States (IL)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Constantina N.
Cyprus (Larnaca)

It makes me sick. It makes me wonder about humanity and how it's so possible to treat other living creatures that way.They are a bunch of psychos that need to be locked up.
Emma L.
France (Bordeaux)

I have just visited a circus zoo, so basically behind the scenes. The conditions, the amount of animals. I am still in tears over two hours later. These should be out in the wild, these beautiful creatures should be free. XX
Jessica M.
united states (Indiana)

Animal circuses are inhumane, cruel and of no educational value. NOW is the time to end animal circuses!
Pamela A.
USA (Tx)

Stop the cruelty.
Narine H.
Armenia (Kotayk)

Animals in circuses must be forbidden, everywhere and forever!
akanan n.
thailand (Bangkok)

sudsawat n.
United States (Pennsylvania)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
gawisara w.
thailand (thailand)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
benja t.
Thailand (Chiangmai)

susanna m.
greece (makedonia)

stop !!!
Hector J.
America (CA)

End the unjustifiable abuse!
saphira c.
new zealand (wellington)

animals in circuses are sad
Isabella R.
America (CA)

Why is it okay to support cruelty? END animal abuse!
Erendira C.
America (USA)

Be the voice for those who cannot be heard!
Sebastian G.
America (CA)

How would you feel if your children were torn away at birth and abused until they learned to do tricks to please people around the world?
Cesar P.
America (CA)

End animal cruelty: they feel pain too!
Tatiana N.
America (CA)

Animals need a voice too! SAY NO TO ANIMALS IN THE CIRCUS.
Destiny E.

I went to the circus today with my sister and saw protesters outside. The information they showed us was disturbing. Animals have rights too and the information struck us so bad we didn't even go into the circus and never will! It's time we treat the animals right: they don't deserve such cruelty.
kevin s.
united kingdom (cheshire)

Absolutely barbaric, inhumane and totally unacceptable. No animal should be viewed as a commodity.
Annabel H.
United Kingdom (Monmouthshire)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Susan C.

Say No to Animals in Circuses
melanie k.
Canada (Manitoba)

do not support animal torture, and cofinement
Valerie R.
Scotland (Edinburgh)

Animals should be living free in the wild not cooped up and beaten for the purpose of entertainment. They are sentient beings like you and i
danielle r.
Belgique (liege)

Teresa B.
United Kingdom (Suffolk)

Animals are living beings not entertainment
Matthew K.
United Kingdom (Leicester)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Julie W.

Animals should not be used for entertainment at the expense of their health and well being.
mike n.
USA (Florida)

Animals are NOT for our sick humor. It is sickening to see a majestic elephant doing a headstand. We should be ashamed!!!!!!!!
Yasmin D.
United States (Ohio)

Stop abusing animals in circuses! This abusing and hurting animals in circuses must STOP now! Close circuses and open animal sanctuaries instead. That's right.
Diane H.
USA (Washington)

Wild animals are taken out of their habitats,only to sustain,abuse, neglect and torment, and for what, only for the greed of man......
Sandra M.

These amazing creatures are not meant for entertaining humans. They have hearts and souls. They are part of a family, they are wild animals and should be living as so.
Robert L.
America (Florida)

Animals are abused,neglected,mistreated and starved and have no life in the circus.They are tied down and whipped and kicked just to perform.They live in hell day and night.This is heartbreaking and in humane.Please let's stop this torture and stop the support of animals in the circus.
Marleen F.
Belgium (Brabant)

This just has to stop.
Lisa p.
United Kingdom (Surrey)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Jillian L.
United States (OH)

Animals should not be used for entertainment. They deserve a life free from torture and imprisonment.
Mary E.

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Mihaiela T.
Romania (Suceava)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Katelyn K.
United States of America (Michigan)

It's not right that wild animals are put into cages and enslaved and abused for entertainment! It's unnatural and cruel! Leave these animals alone and put them back where they belong! They have been acting out because they are being treated as if they are domestic animals and it is wrong and they recognize it. Stop supporting the circuses and zoos that are only tormenting animals for our enjoyment!
Ishya S.
United States (WA)

Animals, especially wild animals should not be made to do tricks over & over.
allison f.
United States (FL)

I'm very opposed to animals in circuses.
Paula B.
Finland (Finland)

I say no Circuses. Wildlife belongs live in nature.
Zara D.
Ireland (Carlow)

Abuse is not the answer, It's never even been a question.
Zachary T.
America (New York)

Animals Are NOT Ours to Use for Entertainment!
Hannah A.
United States (Ohio)

So sad that we must use these beautiful creatures for our entertainment purposes.
Abri S.
South Africa (Choose a State)

PLEASE Just say NO!!
Greece (Athens)

Stop that nonsense now! Animals are living creatures just like us only better than us!
Sunette R.
South Africa (Western Cape)

An hour's entertainment is a Life Time of Enslavement. Stop the cruelty, let circus animals free where they are meant to be.
Russell H.
USA (Texas)

Animals being beaten and used in circuses is just plain sick.
Margaret S.
England (Suffolk)

It's so wrong: words cannot describe the sadness at the horrific cruelty inflicted on these animals: they are wild: no one owns them: they deserve to live as they were intended - wild!
abhishek b.
India (west bengal)

i can't express my thought regarding this issue within few sentences..the way they have been treated show our lack of respect towards nature and our arrogance at its very best..as each day pass i find myself feeling despised for being born into this civilization....