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Virtual Protest

Number of Petition Signatures to date: 9754

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von c.
Australia (victoria)

Vanessa F.
Australia (Nsw)

This is terribly sad using animals for human satisfaction, they suffer immensely while being trained and it's not fair, they should be freed to a happy natural environment
Kerry W.
Australia (Victoria)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
vickie r.
Australia (WA)

No, No, NO!
Denise K.
Australia (united kingdom)

Minutes of entertainment. A LIFE TIME OF MISERY
Gabrielle S.
Australia (NSW)

In this age of enlightenment it is deplorable that these magnificent animals are STILL being exploited for cheap thrills as human entertainment...
Karin L.
Australia (São Paulo)

It is not fair to use non human animals for human fun!
amanda s.
Australia (vic)

What people get joy out of forcing an animal to live in a cage and act UNNATURALLY for our entertainment? These animals would NEVER stay if they weren't being forced and tortured and had no chance of escape. This is cruel beyond words and anyone who thinks otherwise should experience the horrific treatment of spending life in captivity and working in a circus as a slave and see how they feel after that.
Daniel E.
Australia (Victoria)

it's disgusting, it seems surreal that governments allow it.
Torsten H.
Australia (vancover)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Dirce E.
Australia (NSW)

Stand on your own head!
Ian S.
Australia (Vic)

Time for humans to grow up. We should not use other species as a form of entertainment. They should be left to act normally, not perform bizarre tricks for us.
Michelle M.
Australia (Choose a State)

We do not need animals in circuses, stop the cruel acts.
Alana P.
Australia (Queensland )

I saw first hand as a child circus animals and this practice of animals in circuses should be banned now
Keith T. S.
Australia (Queensland)

I am totally opposed to Animals Exotic or Otherwise, being used in a circus!
Irene M.
Australia (S.A)

Animals should be treated with dignity they are not on this planet to be exploited or used for our entertainment or dragged around the countryside
Chelsea B.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Rachel F.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
paul s.
Australia (qld)

Incredibly disappointed that the gold coast council has turned around and let lennon bros in for their horrible practices. Have you guys seen films like Blackfish? Make a short movie.
Daniella F.
Australia (Qld )

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Fiona T.
Australia (NSW)

It is impossible to 'tame' a wild animal. If the only choice is 'break' them I say NO.
Anna W.
Australia (NSW)

Humanity should know better
Jessica B.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Sonia R.
Australia (NSW)

Complete and utter disrespect for other living beings. They do NOT exist for our entertainment.
Nola S.
Australia (QLD)

These beautiful creature should be retired to a sanctuary to live a life of joy after being dragged around the countryside in appalling hot containers, chained for all their days, and expected to perform!!
Sean C.
Australia (Queensland)

Suffering is not entertainment
Anabelle R.
Australia (QLD)

No Animals Anymore In The Circus!
Danni S.
Australia (QLD)

The idea that we can enslave, exploit, abuse, torture and kill animals for trivial reasons such as taste, amusement, religious/cultural beliefs or tradition is absurd.
Donna H.
Australia (SA)

Society as a whole should be better than this! No animal should be subjected to cruelty of any kind, especially for entertainment purposes!!!
Helen W.
Australia (Nsw)

Can't believe Australia had not stopped this decades ago. WTF!
Miranda W.
Australia (Queensland)

Use of animals in circuses is archaic, disgusting and just plain cruel! Why do we need animals in circuses when there are plenty of fantastic circuses that involve humans performing? Eg. Circus Oz and Cirque du Soleil.
brett d.
Australia (qld)

It's disgraceful to see animals in these circumstances
janet s.
Australia (qld)

The life for animals in circuses is totally devoid of any enrichment and is therefore cruel.
lee d.
Australia (qld)

Animals are not for our entertainment, you can just appreciate them in their natural habitat. It makes me cringe to see advertisements of tigers jumping through hoops and dancing horses. Just awful.
Colleen C.
Australia (Queensland)

Circus is outdated and unhealthy for the animals. It teaches children that animals are here FOR us, when in fact they are here WITH us.
lara m.
Australia (QLD)

it is outdated & disgusting, totally unnecessary in 2014 to make money from using animals to do totally unnatural things
Megan P.
Australia (New South Wales)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Richard R.
Australia (Qld)

They should not be there
Rosemary L.
Australia (VIC)

Circus animals are taken out of their natural environment and tortured to perform. This is cruel, barbaric behaviour and totally unnecessary.
Kim S.
Australia (SA)

This is so wrong Animals should be able to roam free
Jennifer v.
Australia (Queensland)

Having animals in circuses is just plain cruel.
gill p.
Australia (qld)

Animals in circuses are cruel, un-needed and out-dated
Katie R.
Australia (Victoria)

Please stop using animals. It is cruel and unnecessary.
Lorraine H.
Australia (victoria)

Please stop this cruel practice...time to advance a bit as humans - don't you think?
Natasha d.
Australia (WA )

A Life of misery for human entertainment. Very sad.
Tracey S.
Australia (WA)

This is a cruel, cruel practice that needs to stop!!
Ali W.
Australia (Western Australia)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Carole B.
Australia (Western Australia)

This is not where animals belong
Chamindri S.
Australia (Queensland )

No animals in circuses
Kenzcie A.
Australia (Nsw)

With the information and education readily available today, there is no excuse to continue supporting these animal exploiters within the circus.
Michelle H.
Australia (Tasmania)

Just breaks my heart and makes me cry. Magnificent creatures should be free not humiliated and lives destroyed.
Elizabeth A.
Australia (Victoria )

All sane, compassionate people are disgusted by the sight of beautiful animals being forced to do ridiculous things for our entertainment. The only circuses worth seeing are the ones that don't use animals!
angelia p.
Australia (TAS)

animals are not there for our entertainment, they don't have a great life in the circus
Pedro V.
Australia (Victoria)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Kerrie C.
Australia (NSW)

Just shut all circuses down. Animals should not be there, only the clowns.
Shannyn W.
Australia (Queensland )

They're not ours to steal
brielle m.
Australia (nsw)

It's barbaric and they will turn on you. I would if I was caged!
D. D.
Australia (AZ)

Please realize animals deserve better treatment. And they were not created for our entertainment. Thank you.
Salvatore C.
Australia (None)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
hannah a.
Australia (perth)

its inhumane. extremely cruel and disgusting people you are
Jacqui p.
Australia (NSW)

Animals belong in the wild, not in circus.
Ana Luisa G.
Australia (NSW)

Animals are not ours!!! Set all them free! They deserve freedom in the nature with other animals! This must stop! So much cruelty!!!!
Karen M.
Australia (Tasmania)

The kind of animals in Circuses are the type of animals that were born to be free..A circus is not freedom, it is slavery, imprisonment fit for a criminal..Animals are not criminals but are treated like they are and they learn from the way they are treated..Therefore if an animal rebels violently then they shouldn't be all to blame, and if man does not want to be held accountable in any way for this, then the animals should be set free where they belong in their own natural environment...
Samantha B.
Australia (Queensland )

This is disgustingly wrong and selfish to violate, use, abuse and segregate these creatures for human greed and wealth.
Leanne S.
Australia (VIC)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Rick L.
Australia (WA)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Vanessa V.
Australia (None)

Only people in circuses. people chose to perform there..animals can't and belong in the wild.
Tsanislava G.
Australia (Choose a State)

Stop animal cruelty forever.
Benjamin N.
Australia (Victoria)

Marie M.
Australia (VIC)

Animals are not ours to use and abuse!
jo w.
Australia (nsw)

Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. NO animals should be forced to perform and live a life of misery for entertainment.
Aimee B.
Australia (Queensland)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
laras b.
Australia (WA)

I hate animal cruelty it must be stopped
Andrew C.
Australia (QLD)

Heartless, Cruel, suffering inflicted on Animals.
megan h.
Australia (victoria)

The exploitation of any animals in circuses/shows is inhumane and morally and ethically distasteful. Animals belong in the wild or animal santuaries, where it is pleasurable and respectful for both man and beast.
Kira S.
Australia (QLD)

ANIMALS ARE NOT FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT. There is a Lennon Bros. around the corner from my house and I am trying with a bunch of my friends and vegan supporters to make sure it is shut down.
Ella C.
Australia (4558)

Disgusting, I cannot believe it's legal
Emily M.
Australia (Victoria )

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Johanne S.
Australia (QLD)

Say NO to the use of animals in circuses, let's be the voice for those who can't speak!
Mel S.
Australia (Queensland)

Cruelty for simple entertainment is the cruelest in meaning for humanity.
Rikki H.
Australia (wa)

Stephanie D.
Australia (South Australia)

I believe the cruel use of animals in circuses should be stopped.
Caroline S.
Australia (Nsw)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Liz C.
Australia (NSW)

I'm willing to stand up for the voiceless.
Kel B.
Australia (qld)

Humans need to learn to live with the wild & work WITH nature, not control it.
Letitia M.
Australia (WA)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Le-Chelle L.
Australia (Nsw)

Lock the owners up in cages; make them perform tricks
Le-Chelle B.
Australia (Nsw)

Use the owners of the circus as animals
Greg K.
Australia (SA)

I will never support in any form, and actively look to discourage any person from attending an animal circus all the days of my life.
Joyce D.
Australia (VIC)

We KNOW that animals learn 'tricks' through torture and food deprivation. In 2013, this is unacceptable. Circuses need to adapt to be free from using animals and permit our animals to live as animals should!
Liz S.
Australia (Qld)

Circuses can be entertaining without the use of animals. The use of animals is a barbaric practice no longer acceptable for today's educated society.
Amber E.
Australia (Victoria)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Amy J.
Australia (Nsw)

Using exotic animals in circuses is inhumane. Let's find kinder ways to entertain crowds which aren't at the expense of any living creature which should be living in the wild.
Jeannine B.
Australia (NSW)

It's not normal for wild animals to behave in such a manner in Circuses. They endure torture from birth and that is not the price we should pay to put a smile on a child's face. Please ban all circuses from using animals in their shows.
Fiona Z.
Australia (NSW)

A wild animal born to be entertainment and forced to do ridiculous tricks for our amusement is an animal that is suffering. Wake up People!
Ashleigh R.
Australia (vic)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Emily J.
Australia (SA)

So its socially unacceptable when people kidnapp and murder our children, so why do we think its socially acceptable to do this to animals, you dont think they experience grief, They dont have feelings?, They dont feel pain? you're wrong every living thing on this planet has feelings and experiences everything we humans do, But yet we continue to torture, Poach, Slaughter, inhumanely treat animals. so next time you're overseas and have a photo with a baby tiger cub...think why do they take them away just for our pleasure and entertainment..no tiger,lion,elephant,bear, any wild animal should be tame.. LET THEM BE FREE!
sarah w.
Australia (queensland)

Debora R.
Australia (NSW)

This cruelty and stupidity has to stop now
Caulfield S.
Australia (Victoria)

it is the saddest show on earth
Lily A.
United Kingdom (Cornwall)

It is just plain cruel, animals have feelings too.
samir b.
india (new delhi)

I do not feel entertained by an innocent animal's grief and neither do i want my child to enjoy this.
usa (Texas)

Ulrica S.
Sweden (Stockholm)

It makes me sick to see animals suffer. It is Animal Cruelty to keep these animals in Circuses! Stop it now !!!
Johana M.
UK (London)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
alex m.
united kingdom (london)

a total abuse of the gift of free will.
stéphanie H.
France (None)

This is just UNACCEPTABLE !!!!!!!
Linda B.
USA (Georgia)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Celia C.
United States (Utah)

Very sad and angry to see no respect for wild life animals. Please stop this, enough to this cruelty.
sophie j.
england (london)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Elma C.
USA (Fl)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Jamie D.

I can't stand to watch the abuse the animals go through at the circus. I stopped going when my youngest was 5 (now 13). I cry when I watch videos of the abuse and cried during beating of the elephant in the movie water for elephants (even though if could only hear the beating). I don't think my banning circuses is enough I want all animals to be banned from circuses.
Charlotte M.

If God wanted them in the circus he'd have made them dogs with the eagerness to please man
Michelle F.
Canada (Sk )

It makes me sick and sad to know while sitting at work there are helpless animals suffering and this is all I can do to help ....
Deborah L.
USA (Massachusetts)

I wish u could have done to u what u have done to those poor helpless animals so u could feel their horror and pain!
lori s.
usa (NY)

I will never support a circus with animal acts and I spread the word every chance I get!
Lynn H.
United States (Wisconsin)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Michael G.
United Kingdom (Lincolnshire)

What gives anyone the right to abuse animals for entertainment? Circuses can still continue, just make them human-only.
pam s.
Ireland (NA)

jacob c.
United States (Texas)

elephants have proven time and time again that they feel as we do, are as intelligent as our children, and deserve the right to be at the very least left alone.
bianca s.
south africa (western cape)

The use of wild animals in circusses should be BANNED. In fact, circusses as a whole should be banned!
Michele W.
England (Lancs)

Animals do NOT belong on the circus!
dharani k.
India (Andhra Pradesh)

stop the sickness, don't torture fellow beings
Nanci S.
USA (California )

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Emma E.
UAE (Dubai)

There is NO place for animals in ANY circus. The only circus that should exist is cirque du soleil which have no animals and is 100 times more entertaining.
David B.
UK (London)

Leave the dark ages behind!
Briana R.
United States (Virginia)

It is 1000% cruel to beat and abuse these animals to perform such tricks that confuses them. As well as keeping them confined their whole lives with poor nutrition.
Raissa P.
Brasil (Goiás)

It must stop asap, I just can't understand how mean and cruel human beings can be. I wonder if they can suffer this pain they are causing to these animals. They more than deserve this, ou even worse, what are they thinking???

Pablo G.
USA (De)

Enough is enough, let's learn how to live with all the animals of this earth with dignity!
Sascha K.
Germany (NRW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Marius O.
South Africa (Gauteng)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Denise K.
England (united kingdom)

The tricks that animals are forced to perform, night after night, are frightening, unnatural, and even painful. Standard circus industry practice is to use bullhooks and other objects to poke, prod, strike, shock, and hit animals in order to "train" them — all for a few moments of human amusement
Sas V.
USA (Illinois )

Cruelty is a crime!!!
Cale B.
united states (new york)

I wanna open a wide open range for mistreated and abused circus elephants somewhere out west where there's plenty of room. Makes me sick how people treat animals such as this. To hunt and kill an animal for personal consumption is one thing but don't torture the poor things.
Christina R.
United States (north carolina)

Why pay for cruel entertainment?? Stop animals in the circus...
Barbara N.
Brasil (São Paulo)

Os animais são desnecessários no circo, por que o circo foi feito para divertir pessoas e não maltratar seres tão belos como os animais, isso é muita crueldade já basta! Ou vocês ainda são pré-históricos?
Gabriel F.
Brazil (São Paulo)

Stop it , please
Renata G.
Brasil (São Paulo)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Morgan K.
United States of America (California)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Juliana M.
Brasil (Paraná)

Chega de tanta crueldade com nossos animais!!!!! Eles merecem nosso amor!!!!
Nanette S.

It is a cruel and abusive practice to use animals for entertainment under any circumstances, especially wild animals ripped from their mothers at an early age to be sold into the slavery of circus life.
Zlatina P.
United Kingdom (UK)

I am definitely against every form of animal abuse and I strongly disagree that animals should live in the zoos or in the circuses!! For the love of Animals!!!!
Chelsea K.

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Synnara A.
Brasil (PE)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Cristiany S.
Brazil (SP)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Tiago F.
Brasil (Sp)

Stop cruelty to animals! Ban circus animals
Bras] (Rio Grande do Sul)

Animais não são escravos,são seres que sentem do, fome e medo!
kelen s.
Brasil (mg)

pelo fim dos animais em circos!
christy k.
United States (ms)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Ignatz Z.
New Zealand (Cant)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Virginia B.
United States (Tennessee)

Amanda D.
usa (de)

You're not getting my money
Christine D.

Animal captivity and torture for the sake of human entertainment is sad and demoralizing.
Daiva D.
Netherlands (Limburg)

This is animal abuse and that shouldn't be allowed
Sylvia s.
nederland (grootebroek)

They belong in the wild in their own habitat.
raymond f.
netherlands (amsterdam)

animals should not be used for entertaining humans but they should live in freedom!
Petra J.
United Kingdom (Hampshire)

Animals should not be used for entertainment!! It's cruel, barbaric and evil!!!!!
Chloe C.
UK (Brighton)

Sick humans! Animals should never be used in circuses for money. Stupid people, how can you lack empathy.
Jeslyn L.
Singapore (Singapore)

Animals belong in the wild and not in circuses!
Veta B.

This is abuse, there is no excuse for it! These animals deserve freedom. PARTICULARLY POLAR BEARS AND ELEPHANTS!
Tori D.
Canada (Ontario)

No animals should ever be used for entertainment. End the cruelty now!
Erika D.
Norway (Aust-Agder)

Animals used in circuses is pure cruelty! Abolish this torture of these significant animals that need to be free!
patricia b.
usa (FL)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Alexis C.
USA (California)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
carissa l.
United States (PA)

I hate people who do harm to poor defensive animals that can't help themselves. People who do harm to animals should go to jail and get the same treatment as what they did to the animals.
Viktória M.
Hungary (Budapest)

Az állatok nem erre valók. Szabadnak születtek!!Nincs jogunk megfosztani őket ettől.
vida p.
slovenia (Select a state)

It is hard to see poor animals do the things they are forced to do. I can't imagine how they feel
Emma S.
usa (nc)

I haven't looked into any other animal than elephants , I do not believe they should be treated the way they are , it is cruel and painful to see .
Lynn B.
U.S. (pa)

I feel it's horrible to confine and torture animals. Making them do "tricks" and things that are unnatural to them. It's cruel, if it were a human, people would be appalled
Rose B.
USA (Pa.)

It's cruel to keep an animal caged up, chained up and "Trained" (Abused) to be made to do tricks. They belong in the wild.
Renate h.
niederösterreich (Austria)

alexis k.
united states (rhode island)

it is heartbreaking to see animals in circuses. it is even sadder that some people find it amusing.
Martha C.
México (Nuevo León)

I see their pain, their desesperation, their sad souls without light and the cruelty they receive to entertain people.
fran s.
united states (pa)

It's cruelty, plain and simple.
Hannah M.
England (UK)

Disgusting, I haven't been to a circus for ages and will never go.
michele c.
france (83220)

Kate W.
UK ( Hampshire)

Abject cruelty and total ignorance having animals 'performing' in circuses. They are not 'performing' they are doing this because if they don't they will be hurt by their owners. A polar bear skating is the worst picture I have ever, ever seen. And I work in dog rescue in Romania!!
dominique françoise w.
switzerland (baselland)

Mary F.
FL. (Unite States of America)

60-years ago I thought they were great. But seeing how these poor unhappy and unnatural ways they are used is of no joy. It's mean and very unbelievable that they should be hit with pain to do things they weren't created to do. Please let them Free now so they can live.
Marta D.
Poland (mazowieckie)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
mellina f.
united kingdom (durham)

no no no......... we should all stand up and shout the word NO to no animals in circuses it's cruel and they should be allowed a free life, not humiliation like this
Paula W.
England (Leeds)

Animals are not here for your entertainment they belong in the wild with their families
Brenda B.
Netherlands (Gelderland)

Animals on this planet are not there for your salary. They are here to live in peace as you are.
Rahul N.
India (Karnataka)

Please do not enslave baby animals. They have an equal right to live.
Francesca K.
Belgium (Wachtebeke)

Say No to Animals in Circuses

Denisa M.
Canada (Alberta)

How these animals are being treated is wrong and sick stop this now!!
diana S.
Nederland (amsterdam)

Animals suffer
rakend r.
India (tamil nadu)

I am an enemy of animal circus
Rita R.
America (Virginia)

It is painful to watch animals perform acts that are against their nature. Apparently we arrogant humans find ourselves boring and need animals to amuse us.
Deepak r.
India (Andhra Pradesh)

It hurts life long to be used instead of being free
ilse s.
USA (New York)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Brenda A.
United States (AZ)

no animal should go thru this
Hope C.
United States (North Carolina)

God's amazing, beautiful creatures were not created for man's evil folly and/or abuse! No animal of any breed/species should be part of a circus or any form of entertainment!
Jonathan G.

Animals are people too and never need to be imprisoned for Circus amusement, EVER!
Stephanie H.
Uk (Cheshire)

There shouldn't even need to be a petition about this, because people in this world should be good enough to realise that treating animals in that way is wrong.
Darlene M.
Canada (Ontario)

It breaks my heart to see such beautiful animals abused and tortured for money by humans.We need to make serious changes and learn to respect all life because every life counts and is not ours to take.
jan b.
uk (derbyshire)

animals have emotions and should be treated with respect xxx
Jackie E.
England (Northumberland)

There is no need for this barbaric so called entertainment. These animals should be free