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Virtual Protest

Number of Petition Signatures to date: 10916

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Emily P.
Australia (Nsw)

This is so so so extremely cruel and whoever abuses animals like this deserves the same pain in return. How about we put a hook in your nose???? You have no heart.
susan L.
Australia (QLD)

animals are intelligent sentient beings, and should NOT be used for profit. It is shameful that in these times, we are still keeping these animals trapped and away from their natural habitat just to make money from them
Renate B.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Crystal H.
Australia (South Australia)

No animal should endure this type of torture, anyone who doesn't want to stop animal circuses needs to reevaluate themselves.
nicholanichol h.
Australia (NSW)

Ban animals in circus....it's completely barbaric and wrong on so many levels
Anna C.
Australia (NSW)

Animals in circuses are being treated uniformly. This must stop!
Amy B.
Australia (SA)

It's an archaic practice that should have been ended decades ago. Animals are not here on Earth for our entertainment. Please, only human performers in circuses.
Helen S.
Australia (QLD)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Sheena T.
Australia (nsw)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Olivia B.
Australia (NSW)

Elephants' beauty and innocence is exploited by those with none...a disgraceful system with legislation that allows this
Rebecca W.
Australia (nsw)

No life for such beautiful animals shame on anyone who supports Animal Circuses
Snezana T.
Australia (Victoria )

Animals are not ours to use in entertainment
Ann B.
Australia (qld)

Animal Circuses belong in the past, they do not have a place in today's society. Exposure of the cruel techniques used in training is undeniable proof of why society should band together to end this spectacle of medieval cruelty.
Jacqueline H.
Australia (South Australia)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
heidi b.
Australia (vic)

it makes me mad and sad
Pragati M.
Australia (NSW)

Animals are not toys for entertainment. Please respect them and let them flourish in the wild freely!
Kate H.
Australia (NSW)

absolutely disgusting
Anna J.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Jessica W.
Australia (New South Wales)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Anna W.
Australia (Select a state)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
louise W.
Australia (Western Cape)

animals are not put on earth to make money for humans!!!!!
hermanus w.
Australia (Gauteng)

They are absolutely sick bastards: i think what they are doing to the animals should be done to them.
frieda b.
Australia (South Africa)

it is wrong to use wild animals for entertainment
Emma M.
Australia (NSW)

Animals are not entertainment and deserve to be treated with dignity.
chantell b.
Australia (QLD)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Zade W.
Australia (Queensland)

I believe animals should not be used in circuses, not just because it's cruel and unethical, but also because it's unnecessary as Cirque De Sole have proven. The circuses may be ran by nice people, however the animals suffer serious physical and mental health problems from transportation and captivity and scientists have proven through the measurements of cortisol and other observational and chemical tests that animals suffer from stress and anxiety and many other health problems, all just to entertain humans and make the owners some profit, which they could be making through human circuses or other business! :)
Tanya H.
Australia (NSW)

The circus is about amazement, talent, and fun. Cruelty to animals is none of these!
Jasmin B.
Australia (South Australia)

I'm sure that the people who are for animal circuses would feel different if it were human beings being confined and chained in order to entertain. Animal circuses are never ok.
Malwina B.
Australia (Queensland)

Animals should NOT be subjected to the inhumane conditions of circus life. Change their fate today!
Glen N.
Australia (Qld)

No ethical person can present a reasonable justification for animal circuses, or any other form of animal slavery/exploitation.
Erin R.
Australia (Qld )

It's wrong to exploit animals for entertainment.
Gemma N.
Australia (QLD)

I refuse to attend any performance where animals are abused. Release these beautiful animals they are not here for our entertainment
Angel L.
Australia (Nsw)

Wild animals should never be kept in captivity. Animal circuses should no longer exist these days. It is utterly cruel and inhumane to treat animals like that. Look who are the real 'animals' here!
Mia K.
Australia (ACT)

I hate animals performing for our entertainment and I hate the people who make them do it! thanks a lot to those idiots who hurt animals!
Annie J.
Australia (Victoria)

Animals have value
Valeria M.
Australia (New South Wales)

Animals being used in circuses should be banned worldwide. The mistreatment of innocent creatures is heartbreaking and knowing that people consciously hurt them with no remorse is alarming.
Cathie L.
Australia (Qld)

I am an Animal Activist and detest Animals being used for entertainment and exploitation.
Laura N.
Australia (Victoria)

Animals deserve to be free and not carted around, abused and forced to perform.
ione c.
Australia (Queensland )

Animals get beaten /trained and I won't go or take my kids
Australia (NSW)

actors, spectacles to imprison and gawk at, or circus clowns. Yet thousands of these animals are forced to perform silly, confusing tricks under the threat of physical punishment; are carted across the country in cramped and stuffy boxcars or semi-truck trailers; are kept chained or caged in barren, boring, and filthy enclosures; and are separated from their families and friends—all for the sake of human “entertainment.” Many of these animals even pay with their lives...WOULD YOU SWAP YOURSELF WITH THESE ANIMALS?
Erica N.
Australia (QLD)

'The King belongs in the Jungle' Not in the circus of cruelty.
katie g.
Australia (sydney)

no animals should ever be used in circuses
Selena C.
Australia (qld)

They are not for our entertainment
Rosemary R.
Australia (NSW)

Using animals in circuses is cruel, exploiting them for profit. Performing in circuses is fine for humans who have a choice, but NOT for animals who don't have a choice.
Sahara F.
Australia (VIC)

animals are not ours to be confined and used for our entertainment..how would you like it if you were caged whipped bullied in to performing tricks for nothing... they deserve to be free like anyone else and any other animal. how would you like your child taken from her home and then trained and caged to entertain humans..so why do this? you are disgraceful
Leah F.
Australia (QLD )

So disgusting a human can do this...can't comprehend how this is legal. It should be illegal and the assholes who partake in this should be abused and given the death penalty.
Marion B.
Australia (Western Australia)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Daniela P.
Australia (QLD)

Animals should not suffer or be mistreated just for human amusement.
bobt n.
Australia (sydney)

carolyn i.
Australia (nsw)

Animals need to be in their natural environment and not in circuses or zoos
Donna C.
Australia (Western Australia)

It is time to look at all animals in captivity (including those in dolphinariums) and make decisions based on their welfare and their right to freedom... any less makes us a truly barbaric species... it is time to right the wrongs of the past...
Anj D.
Australia (NSW)

Don't buy a ticket !!
Nicole B.
Australia (Rheinland-Pfalz)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Jacqueline C.
Australia (Indiana )

Animals shouldn't be shown for treats or trainings!!!
craig s.
Australia (queensland)

Animal circuses are barbaric and have no place in today's society!
Emma D.
Australia (Queensland)

I feel animals should be appreciated in their natural environment. Not as an unfulfilled abused and broken spirited beast.
Chloe F.
Australia (NSW)

Poking and prodding animals in circuses is extremely cruel! Animals be should wild and free, not performing painful tricks for people's amusement!!!!!!
Tash M.
Australia (New South Wales)

Humans who do this don't deserve to be alive - simple as that, if they can't respect and appreciate animals then they shouldn't have the right to live, I hate humans who abuse and mistreat animals, they are scum on the earth.
Danielle M.
Australia (Tas)

Do not take their innocence away only to be exploited to an eventual death.
Sushrut P.
Australia (VIC)

Animals in circuses should be totally BANNED!!!!!!!
claudia g.
Australia (vic)

it should be stopped right away these innocent animals don't deserve to live like this!
cynthia B.
Australia (tasmania)

John M.
Australia (New South Wales)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Kay P.
Australia (New South Wales)

Animals are not ours to use and abuse... rather they are here to add balance to our beautiful planet. We MUST take care of them and let them live in peace
Valerie S.
Australia (CA)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Tracey M.
Australia (Victoria)

Animals do not belong in a zoo performing tricks for humans. They are caged up treated poorly and should be freed immediately! People need to be aware of what that animal has gone through in training to perform for humans for profit. Shame shame shame !!!
Margot C.
Australia (NSW )

It is heartless and wrong. Animals have feelings too
Cherish M.
Australia (NSW)

It is an abomination that we make poor defenceless animals live outside their natural habitat to entertain us humans!
Amy B.
Australia (NSW)

Animals belong in the wild! There are so many better alternatives to animal circuses.
Marina B.
Australia (Queensland)

Making animals perform is disgusting.
von c.
Australia (victoria)

Vanessa F.
Australia (Nsw)

This is terribly sad using animals for human satisfaction, they suffer immensely while being trained and it's not fair, they should be freed to a happy natural environment
Kerry W.
Australia (Victoria)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
vickie r.
Australia (WA)

No, No, NO!
Denise K.
Australia (united kingdom)

Minutes of entertainment. A LIFE TIME OF MISERY
Gabrielle S.
Australia (NSW)

In this age of enlightenment it is deplorable that these magnificent animals are STILL being exploited for cheap thrills as human entertainment...
Karin L.
Australia (São Paulo)

It is not fair to use non human animals for human fun!
amanda s.
Australia (vic)

What people get joy out of forcing an animal to live in a cage and act UNNATURALLY for our entertainment? These animals would NEVER stay if they weren't being forced and tortured and had no chance of escape. This is cruel beyond words and anyone who thinks otherwise should experience the horrific treatment of spending life in captivity and working in a circus as a slave and see how they feel after that.
Daniel E.
Australia (Victoria)

it's disgusting, it seems surreal that governments allow it.
Torsten H.
Australia (vancover)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Dirce E.
Australia (NSW)

Stand on your own head!
Ian S.
Australia (Vic)

Time for humans to grow up. We should not use other species as a form of entertainment. They should be left to act normally, not perform bizarre tricks for us.
Michelle M.
Australia (Choose a State)

We do not need animals in circuses, stop the cruel acts.
Alana P.
Australia (Queensland )

I saw first hand as a child circus animals and this practice of animals in circuses should be banned now
Keith T. S.
Australia (Queensland)

I am totally opposed to Animals Exotic or Otherwise, being used in a circus!
Irene M.
Australia (S.A)

Animals should be treated with dignity they are not on this planet to be exploited or used for our entertainment or dragged around the countryside
Chelsea B.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Rachel F.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
paul s.
Australia (qld)

Incredibly disappointed that the gold coast council has turned around and let lennon bros in for their horrible practices. Have you guys seen films like Blackfish? Make a short movie.
Daniella F.
Australia (Qld )

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Fiona T.
Australia (NSW)

It is impossible to 'tame' a wild animal. If the only choice is 'break' them I say NO.
Anna W.
Australia (NSW)

Humanity should know better
Jessica B.
Australia (NSW)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Sonia R.
Australia (NSW)

Complete and utter disrespect for other living beings. They do NOT exist for our entertainment.
Nola S.
Australia (QLD)

These beautiful creature should be retired to a sanctuary to live a life of joy after being dragged around the countryside in appalling hot containers, chained for all their days, and expected to perform!!
Sean C.
Australia (Queensland)

Suffering is not entertainment
Anabelle R.
Australia (QLD)

No Animals Anymore In The Circus!
Danni S.
Australia (QLD)

The idea that we can enslave, exploit, abuse, torture and kill animals for trivial reasons such as taste, amusement, religious/cultural beliefs or tradition is absurd.
Donna H.
Australia (SA)

Society as a whole should be better than this! No animal should be subjected to cruelty of any kind, especially for entertainment purposes!!!
Helen W.
Australia (Nsw)

Can't believe Australia had not stopped this decades ago. WTF!
Molly Y.
United States (WA)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
lisa m.
united states (south carolina)

Makes me sick to see animals outside their natural habitat and forced to do tricks.
Brianna E.
United States (California )

Animals do not deserve to spend 96% of their lives behind bars. Animals should not be used for entertainment.
Aows S.
Canada (AB)

I'm very disgusted by how cruel humans can be, especially in the circus business which is supposed to promote a role model of happiness and pure and clean fun for people from all ages instead, you get a few minutes of animals being forced to perform for people and then abused after the act is finished.
Annette M.
Belgium (Brussels)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Joanne B.
usa (NV)

Please stop using animals for entertainment. They should be left to live their life in the wild with other animals
Kathy S.
U.S. (Oregon)

How can it be difficult to see that any being that can feel and have emotions and suffer should not be captive, abused and used for the entertainment of other beings? It's wrong. It's cruel. It's immoral. It is heartless.
Rosemarie R.
Canada (Ontario)

Roberta L.
United States (Massachusetts)

I used to work in the circus and I loved the animals then I witness how they really treated these poor animals and I was sickened..although the show I work was perfect because the SPCA in CA was always there to see for themselves how the animals were treated
Shaeema S.
America (CA)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Maureen M.
Brazil (Bahia)

Using Animals in circuses is speciesism in its worst form
Laura F.
Oxford (OH)

Animals have the same right to a free and happy existence as you possess. The rights of one person should never justify lowering those of another. Animals are not meant to be beaten and tortured to behave as you desire. Abuse of any kind is disgusting. Just because an animal does not have the ability to speak for themselves and break through your man-made chains will never justify such cruelty.
Ilze S.
Norway (Norway)

Wild animals belong in wild! Not in cages and not for the amusement of people!
Ingrid P.
Spain (Málaga)

Marilea H.
united states (Pa)

Animals should not be used in a circus: they are treated very bad
Lyndsay S.
England (Kent)

Animals that are torn away from their family and natural habitat. Caged and trained to do unnatural tasks, is a very outdated and immoral form of entertainment. Time it ended
Shelle H.
United States (NY)

If the animals were taken care of properly and loved like they should be then I wouldnt be so against it. But lets be real, they arent cared for like they should be, that are abused all for the all mighty dollar. There arent regulations that r severe enough for the owners of these events to discourage this kind of treatment. They are gods creatures not a side show to abuse and to make men money!
Suzan a.
Greece ()

Sadness knowing the pain suffering torture beatings the animals go through There are circuses without animals.
margret t.
greece (athens)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Emma P.
United States of America (Florida)

I am currently writing a research paper and have decided to write about animals used in circuses. I'm completely against circuses and hope it gets banned.
Arnold V.
Netherlands ()

Very cruel to do so You also do not like to live in cages and just do what your owner tells you
Lucy P.
New zealand (southland)

disgusted and unnatural
Caroline G.
United Kingdom (Worcestershire)

You wouldn't treat your house pets like this, so why is it okay to allow others to treat working animals this way? "The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing"
Nivia O.
Usa (Ca)

Animals don't belong in circus!!! They deserve freedom.. Please don't support this cruel entertainment
Maureen H.
United Kingdom (Northamptonshire)

Animals should not be trained to performed tricks for an applauding audience when more than likely the use of cruelty has obtained the results you see. Elephants live with a matriarchic society: it is bad enough they are poached, have their habitat taken from then, then to be sold into slavery the injustice of it all is too much to take.
Madison M.

Exotic animals who cannot be released to the wild should not be used in circuses. They deserve to live in sanctuaries with ample space and enrichment! Not cages, chains, constant druggings, and abuse!
Mitar M.
Macedonia (Macedonia)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Vijay prasad P.
Germany (Bremen)

Taming wild animals is the worst thing one can do to them! Beating and starving them to be obedient is serious animal cruelty!!!
Ellie G.
Bulgaria (Pleven)

Animals must not be used in circuses. They are living creatures and they belong to the nature. They deserve to be happy and should not be treated like garbage for our own entertainment. Please stop using animals in circuses and give them freedom and life!
Melissa K.
america (Arizona)

We should be more advanced than to still use animals for our entertainment let alone abusing them in the process. Stop this madness.
soraya h.
usa (louisiana)

Please stop inflicting undeserved pain and oppression on some of the strongest and most magnifecent creatures that share this planet with us. We as humans are given the gift of freedom in our communities, especially in the US. Please don't abuse these souls that have been taken from their home and stripped of everything they knew just to live under the thumb of greedy money grubbers. Think if it was your loved one taken from you at birth or whatever case and forever caged and controlled. That is no life. We as humans can do so much good that it will leave no time and energy for the wickedness that creeps in. Please ban circuses from abusing any further.
Diana P.

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Katarzyna N.
Polska (Kraków)

It's really terrible and very sad, how animals are treated in circuses. Everybody must respect them.
abbi m.
scotland (paisley)

it's cruel unnatural
Greece (ATTICA)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Kate M.
United States (Indiana)

Animals deserve freedom. They do not belong amongst people, being forced to perform ridiculous acts for our entertainment. The cruelty needs to end.
Magda V.
België (Belgium : Nederlandstalig)

Let MEN perform in circuses !!!
Barbara B.
United States (Illinois)

Animals must be free not tied up to a circuses!
Kerri P.
Canada (Ontario)

We have no right to treat these animals as puppets. Let them be free.
Sherihan T.
Egypt (Cairo)

Please stop animals' abuse in circuses!
Nina L.
Slovenia (Dolenjska)

Animals ARE NOT ours to eat wear experiment on or use for entertainment!
Hannah R.

Ridiculous. Say NO to animals in circuses.
Linda S.
United States (New York)

I have seen how elephants are treated by trainers. Wild animals belong in natural habitat.
udaya c.
India (tamilnadu)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Preston D.
United States (KY)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
jeff k.
usa (nj)

it's inhumane and not animal friendly..
Mila L.
Portugal (AlgarvE)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
shannon R.
usa (florida)

The horrible treatment of these animals is heart wrenching please stop this!
Nicole D.
USA (New York)

No more animals in circuses!
Mary M.
United States (Kansas)

The enslavement, exploitation, and abuse of animals in circuses is an archaic abomination. They do not deserve such a fate, and it's imperative we show the compassion we are capable of and abolish this unacceptable practice.
Kristine H.
United States (Minnesota)

This is heart wrenching.
Alan F.
South Africa (Gauteng)

I was brought up in and around circus and cabaret. There's no need to abuse animals to entertain anybody. No excuse for it
Tuba V.
Turkey (Rize )

Animals are not toys !!! They have more capacity of feelings, emotions, pain etc. than us! May God save them from our oppression !
leyla a.
turkey (ankara)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
selma c.
turkey (istanbul)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
sertac c.
netherlands (groningen)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
sevda c.
netherlands (groningen)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Gabriela b.
Mexico (bcs)

They can not complain, speak , or defend themselves! Animals deserve to live in dignity!!
Nicole C.
South Africa (Gauteng)

It's disgusting how we feel the need to exploit animals for entertainment.
Kevin P.
Spain (Barcelona)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Fernanda T.

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Claire L.
England (Manchester)

I cannot believe in 2014 this is still happening ! It's disgusting and extremely upsetting ! Those that go and watch are just as bad as the horrible bastards controlling these poor animals
Clara C.
United States (Indiana)

Animals do not deserve to be taken out of their natural habitats to be tortured and tormented. Animals do not act the way that circuses "force" them to act and it is not safe or healthy for the animal. These creatures deserve to be free and not trapped in cages and terrified throughout their daily lives.
Juan A.
United States (Indiana)

I think when pain is involved with any animal it is cruel and inhumane. Anyone involved doesn't have any feelings.
Alyssa L.
United States of America (IN)

Katie G.
United States (Ohio)

Many people say they want animal abuse to stop, yet they go to circuses where the animals are stuffed in small boxes and besten to perform. The treatment of these animals is sad and despicable and it needs to stop.
David B.
United States (California)

It's absolutely cruel and disgusting that we would treat Animals this way. They aren't for show. They aren't to be ogled and viewed as trained pets. This isn't the 1920's anymore.
Shelley A.

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Melanie M.
United States (California)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Aayush S.
India (madhya pradesh)

hi friends it's my request to all guys plzz say "NO"to animals in Circuses
Richard W.
UK (Kent)

It's the 21st Century: stop them now!
Elliot T.
United Kingdom (Kent)

We no longer live in the Victorian age, we don't need to observe animals doing tricks for amusement!
Tamara M.
Croatia (Kastav)

Katie H.
England (Kent)

It's disgustingly cruel to abuse animals the way they are abused in circuses.
Lidija M.
Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

ENOUGH of human cruelty, selfishness and pathologically insane race for money and prestige !!! HUMAN evil to be eradicated URGENT !!!!
Dominique R.
Belgium (Brussels)

Cage age is over!
Sara M.
United States of America (Florida)

I think that it is absolutely cruel what they do to those poor animals. It isn't right to make these animals suffer and make them do things that aren't in their nature, and using pain to train them is terrible, those people have no hearts whatsoever.
Anna G.
Poland (małopolskie)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Kunza S.
America (Illinois)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Arianna V.
United states (CA)

Leave the animals alone! They're not here for your entertainment!
Tina C.
USA (New York)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Aniket K.
India (Maharashtra)

Every animal has the right to live its life in freedom and not in unhealthy cages.
Angela C.
United States (Alaska)

Let's be the caretakers we were entrusted to be - compassionate, loving, kind, safe, respectful
Vrushali M.
United States (GA)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Michele A.
United States (Maine)

All animals should be banned from ALL circuses around the world!
Austen B.
United States (Michigan)

Cruelty is not entertainment. Circuses are slavery
Janelle R.
USA (Oregon)

No animal should be abused and trapped. All animals deserve the right to be in their own environment with their families.
sarah d.
U.S (texas)

Animals deserve to be in their natural environment! not forced against their will to entertain people for money. this is inhumane and needs to be stopped.
David S.
Scotland (Aberdeenshire)

Tigers are close to extinction along with many other species. But these wild animals should be what they are ought to be...WILD!
Maxine C.
United Kingdom (Hertfordshire)

It is abhorrent that animals are still being used in circuses. The breaking and training of them is torturous and cruel. This MUST stop now!
Karine M.
Russia (St.Petersburg)

Man has no right to use another kind of living being as slaves. Man has no right to use animals ever. Because animals cannot talk to the man replied.
Ryan L.
U.S.A. (Utah)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
Bella W.
United Kingdom (Staffordshire )

There is nothing entertaining about seeing wild animals perform like robots. These days we have Internet, you tube, etc and can watch animals in their natural habitat with amazement. Leave these animals alone it may have been popular before Internet and TV but the appeal has gone.
Kat G.
United Kingdom (Wilts)

This is the 21st Century! The use of animals in circuses for human entertainment is out-dated and abhorrent by today's standards of animal welfare/rights etc.
Judith R.
United states (California)

Animals are not for human entertainment!
Annick C.
France (Select One)

Say No to Animals in Circuses
helen d.
Greece (None)

All animals should be free.
Mary S.
Canada (Ontario)

It is the highest form of cruelty to keep wild animals captive. They are also tortured and kept away from their families!
Erika M.
Germany (Bayern)

Would you also take you children to make money for you? It's a question of decency, character and responsibility. People have it or they don't.
Dianne S.
United KIngdom (Middlesex)

The animals in a circus are being abused for the financial gain of humans. They should be given their freedom!