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Your Say on Animal Circuses

On this page are letters, comments, questions, and editorials submitted by our website visitors.
Please contact us if you'd like to have your say

Elephant half-grown
Yet grey and wrinkled
Imprisoned by steel links
In the circus field
On three legs, one behind
Stretched out at chains length
Trunk reaching to pluck
One last blade of grass
Alone and lonely
Cold as the rain
In grey wet Wales
Hungering for the heat of India
I won’t demean you
And visit the circus
But wiping the stray drizzle from my eye
I’ll pass by on the other side
© Hilary Dennis for Cornwalls Voice for Animals Book
The website is simply tremendous, it has great impact, and I congratulate you in spades, as they say. I spend lots of time thinking up new people who I know will be interested and you always find that they in turn send on the link to others. It's fascinating to see it grow even just by ones and twos. Thanks a lot.
Well, I'm THOROUGHLY impressed with your website!! It is absolutely fantastic!

Truly informative & eye-opening. So much of the cruelty is usually inferred or assumed but your website lays out the truth without rancour or malice. Instead it posits the absolute belief in the unaccepability of the practise.

I am disgusted by the treatment of these animals & cried for the hardship they undergo everyday. The video footage, while extremely horrific, really highlighted the treatment of the animals & the extent to which trainers are prepared to go in the quest for 'entertainment'. If I have ever derrived pleasure from animals in circuses I apologise & am resolved to NEVER again be a witness or an accessory to this form of 'entertainment'.
Great website and great action! Our state and federal governments need to take heed that the majority of Australians do not condone the current industry treatment of animals - this includes performing animals and those in factory farms. Indeed, our government ought not rely on economic indicators to suggest otherwise. It is being shown time and again that industry needs regulation and that this regulation needs to be in line with moral and ethical standards of contemporary Australia. Animals ought to have rights and Australians ought to uphold their rights just as we do the rights of children... who like animals cannot vote.
Hello! Great site ... I fully support you. I abhor circuses. About a year ago I was at my local McDonald's and there were posters on their board and fliers at all the checkouts for this circus that was coming to town. I asked to speak to the manager, who was about 20. I asked her if she knew that the RSPCA was against circuses. She was a bit perturbed and brushed me off. So I emailed them through their website. I had a call from McDonald's head office the same day. He called the branch and asked for all the posters to be removed. He said they had no permission to put the posters up and the staff said someone from the circus did it without asking, hoping no one would notice. Not that McDonald's is any better, but that's a different story :). Keep up the good work. If I ever have kids, they'll never see a circus. I'm training to be primary teacher as well so I hope my influence will pay off. Best regards, Emma
In years past, circuses used to include a Freak Show. It was an opportunity for families to go along and mock persons with disabilities and deformities. Clearly this is no longer acceptable in today's modern world and the Freak Show aspect of the circus has gone. Why then do we feel it acceptable to mock and exploit the animals in exactly the same way? Circus is an abhorrent and archaic practice with no place in today's world. Please do not teach your children to think any differently about it. Imprisoning and tormenting animals for the amusement of humans is WRONG
I am a student and a keen animal rights supporter. The first stand I took against circuses was in grade 6 when I drew lots of giant posters and stuck them around my school when the circus was coming to town... which I had to see the principal about.
Hi,my name is Jessica and I am currently in grade 12. I have a very big passion for all animals and near where I live there is a circus going on at the moment and when I go past I see the lions outside in a small pen with no shelter. It has been raining for days. I dont even see a water bowl or any food at all, it's horrible, not to mention its on the side of a main road. I just feel so sorry for them.
It really upsets me to see animal performs tricks for crowds, like a monkey riding a bike.I'm currently a uni student studying wildlife science
I drove through Baxter (Victoria ) on Thursday and was dismayed to see two elephants (presumably chained) outside the Big Top, I'm opposed to all animal exploitation.
Once I became informed about what happens behind the scenes of circuses I totally changed the way I think about them. Now I am totally against them (along with my sister and mom).
Gday I am very interested in all aspects of animal and environmental welfare, anything that I can do to help change things I would like to do
This website is great! When I got involved in the animal liberation movement a couple of years ago, my eyes were opened to the cruelty that goes on behind closed doors of all sorts of Industries.

Time and time again it has been shown that circus animals suffer greatly.
It's great to see times changing and people being informed about what goes on in Animal Circuses.