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Watch "trainers" using bullhooks and electric prods while training circus elephants. Listen to the animals trumpet in frustration and pain. Although such training methods are illegal under Australian Law, this shows the kind of cruelty and disrespect that is seen throughout the Animal Circus Industry. [watch undercover video here - with sound].

Our mission:

Working together with RSPCA QLD and Animal Liberation QLD, our mission is to expose the psychological and physical suffering of all animals in circuses and to educate the public about the truth of behind-the-scenes training methods, housing, and transportation; to dispel the myths that animal circuses are educational; and to achieve statewide bans on the use of all animals in circuses, bringing Australia into line with a host of other enlightened nations which have already done so.
Why we believe animals should be banned from circuses.
Click for a full list of areas in Australia with bans on Animal Circuses.
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Have you ever stopped to consider the life of a circus animal: chained, caged, forced to live in cramped and totally unsuitable housing, and hauled from town to town in a “beast wagon”? Regardless of the number of generations that wild animals have been in captivity, captive-born wild animals do not lose the instincts and needs of wild animals. They retain their natural instincts to socialise and to roam freely. Circuses deny captive-born wild animals of their need to exhibit their natural behaviours. Check out our photo gallery of circus animal stories from around the world.

video, newspaper clippings, and other mediaView videos, newspaper clippings, and other media in our MEDIA section. Click here.

Headlines @ AnimalCircuses.com

Bolivia first country in the world to ban wild and domestic animals from travelling circuses

Animal Defenders International (ADI) is delighted that Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has signed a new law to end the use of wild and domestic animals in travelling circuses.  [read full story]
Source: Animal Defenders website

PETA exposes Ringling Bros Cruelty

Thanks to PETA's ongoing campaign against documented appalling abuse of elephants in Ringling Bros Circus - 'the saddest show on earth' as PETA rightly calls it - the largest circus in the US has been compelled to answer charges for routinely beating elephants with bullhooks. (PETA has videotaped lame elephants limping out of Ringling's train cars.)  [read full story]

Ipswich City Council Bans Circuses with Exotic Animals

Local councillor Paul Tully said the council had voted 6:5 to support a ban, making Ipswich the first council in Queensland to outlaw circuses with exotic animals.  [read full story]
Source: Animals Australia

Lismore Council cracks the whip on circuses

Lismore City Council will send a clear message that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated in the shire after they voted 6/3 to ban animal circuses from Council-owned land.  [read full story]
Source: The Northern Rivers Echo

Circus elephant in the middle of jumbo row

A jumbo-sized dispute has broken out over the living conditions of New Zealand's only circus elephant.  [read full story]
Source: stuff.co.nz

Driver dies as bus hits escaped circus elephant

A BUS has crashed into an escaped circus elephant on a highway in Mexico, killing both the vehicle's driver and the unfortunate animal.  [read full story]
Source: news.com.au

60 Minutes - The Sanctuary

They're remarkable creatures. Social, intelligent, at times, very human. And just like humans, elephants experience many complex emotions. Which makes our heartless treatment of these beautiful animals all the more confounding. Hunting them to extinction, forcing them to perform in circuses, locking them up in zoos.  [read full story]
Source: 60 Minutes

Protestors urge city council to ban circus

AN animal welfare group have urged Derry City Council to consider banning animal circuses from performing in the city.  [read full story]
Source: Londonderry Sentinel

Auckland City Council applauded for Rodeo Ban

Rodeos are no longer welcome in New Zealand’s largest city.  [read full story]
Source: Animal Circuses

Music Video made about Topsy the Elephant who was purposely electrocuted to death

Award winning Australian animator makes a music video about the tragic story of Topsy The Circus Elephant who was deliberately electrocuted in 1903.  [read full story]
Source: email

Elephant, camels freed with Jaws of Life

What animals have to endure for our entertainment: Three circus animals had to be rescued by volunteer firefighters after the transport truck carrying them overturned.  [read full story]
Source: CTV.ca

Circus Lawsuit Moves Forward

Animal activists have a new reason to complain about how the circus treats its elephants and other animals. A federal judge says the animal groups can now move forward with a blockbuster lawsuit. Click here to hear an interview  [read full story]
Source: George Knapp, Chief Investigative Reporter

ADI: Peru set to lead South America with animal circus ban

A year after launching a devastating exposé of the treatment of animals in circuses in South America, Animal Defenders International (ADI) stands on the brink of securing legislation to end this shocking abuse in Peru and Bolivia.  [read full story]
Source: Politics.co.uk

Stardust Circus Trainer killed by elephant

Forensic evidence shows that Arna the Circus Elephant crushed a worker to death.  [read full story]
Source: news.com.au (Daily Telegraph)

Cork City Council against Animal Circuses

Cork City Council passes a motion to BAN animal act circuses from using council land  [read full story]
Source: Animal Rights Action Network (www.aran.ie)

ARNA and Gigi to be retired to Western Plains Zoo

Arna and Gigi are leaving Stardust Circus and living out the rest of their lives in peace at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.  [read full story]
Source: www.zoo.nsw.gov.au (Taronga Zoo)

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